Reimagine your retirement with The Joy Club

Introducing the vibrant online community where you can learn from experts, keep your mind and body active and connect with people who share your interests.

As part of our commitment to ensure that our clients have access to the very best in all areas of life, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with The Joy Club to offer you a special two-month free trial of their Premium membership package – our gift to you.

The Joy Club is a vibrant online community where you can learn from experts, keep your mind and body active and connect with people who share your interests.

As a Premium member, you will have unlimited access to The Joy Club’s live online classes, talks and workshops, as well as their extensive library of on-demand content, meaning you can…

  • Take part in a programme of 50+ live online classes, talks and workshops every month.
  • Enjoy regular Tai Chi, yoga, dance, mindfulness and art classes (and more).
  • Expand your horizons with an impressive roster of expert guest speakers plus unmissable events from influential artists, thinkers and public figures.
  • Explore a growing library of on-demand content to watch, listen to and read at your leisure.

“I don’t think it’s over the top to say it has changed my life.”

Over the last few years, The Joy Club has enabled thousands of members to learn new skills, develop their fitness and build on their knowledge. Their online schedule of live and on-demand classes gives you the freedom to try new things in the privacy of your own home and the opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of like-minded retirees from across the UK.

Here’s what members have to say about The Joy Club…

“The Joy Club is – quite simply – time for oneself, for exploring the things which interest you.” – Maureen, member of The Joy Club

“Now I realise that retirement is MY time; a time to try new things, ask questions, get creative and learn to play and have fun again. The Joy Club has inspired me to start a new stage of my life. I’ve now taken up art classes and started a language degree. Didn’t see that coming!” – Helen, member of The Joy Club

“I cannot praise The Joy Club enough. I’ve been a member for a month now and have enjoyed a variety of exercise classes, live seminars and virtual tours. The support team is prompt to respond to any questions and really attend to feedback. The bank of activities on offer changes regularly so there will never be the slightest chance of boredom.” – Jack, member of The Joy Club


Who can become a member?
Membership to The Joy Club is available to those living in the UK who have entered retirement or semi-retirement.

What’s the story behind The Joy Club?
The Joy Club is the brainchild of Founder CEO Hannah Thomson, who was inspired by her Granny Jean to create the company. For Jean, retirement was the most joyful time of her life. Her retirement adventures included backpacking around New Zealand solo, volunteering in Bulgaria and becoming an amazing painter!

When Hannah lost Granny Jean to dementia, she wanted to pay tribute to her by bringing her sense of joy, adventure and passion for meeting new people to as many others as possible.

What live events are available through The Joy Club?
The Joy Club hosts over 50 live online events every month, including dance classes, yoga, Tai Chi, creative writing, art classes, live concerts, mindfulness workshops, nutrition lessons and unmissable talks from influential artists, thinkers and public figures.

What if I don’t have time to attend a live event?
The Joy Club has a wealth of on-demand content available for members to dip into as they please, including a growing library of talks, classes, performances and more.

How much does membership cost?
Premium membership to The Joy Club normally costs just £9.99 a month. We’re offering our clients a special two-month free trial with promo code CDVJOY2324.

Do I have to provide any card details up front?
No – you can enjoy your extended free trial safe in the knowledge that you only need to provide card details if you decide that you’d like to continue your membership after the trial has ended. You can cancel at any time – no strings attached.

Getting started

Whenever you’re ready, you can begin your extended free trial in three easy steps:
1. Go to;
2. Click on the ‘sign up’ button;
3. Enter your details, making sure to include the promotional code CDVJOY2324, when prompted.

From all of us at Chase de Vere and The Joy Club – we hope you enjoy this gift.

Get in touch with The Joy Club
If you’d like to learn more about The Joy Club before signing up, you can speak to a member of their customer service team on 0808 169 6460 (10am-12pm, Mon to Fri) or email them at

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