Personal Injury & Court of Protection team supports Calvert Lakes charity

Well done to Robin Bailey, Daniel Edmundson, Sam Francis and Emma Jones from our PICOP (Personal Injury & Court of Protection) team, based in our London and Bury offices, who took time off work to volunteer at the Calvert Reconnections rehabilitation centre and the Calvert Lakes residential facility, in the Lake District. 

They utilised Chase de Vere’s volunteering policy, which supports employees who wish to offer their time and skills to work in their local communities or to support charities.

They were joined the following day by PICOP colleagues Emma Burge, Charlie Moorin, Alasdair Owens and Russ Moorhouse, as they walked up Scafell Pike, and as a result they have raised more than £2,800 for Calvert Lakes.

The Calvert Lakes charity enables those who live with disabilities to benefit from the countryside. In particular, they focus on providing the facilities for individuals to undertake adventure breaks and overcome challenges, taking part in activities such as zipwires, horse riding, kayaking and paragliding. Some of those attending will relearn life skills to move them back towards independent living and some enjoy activity holidays where all the family can participate, which isn’t ordinarily available to them.

Our PICOP team has chosen to support this organisation as it helps vulnerable individuals and their families, which make up the majority of our PICOP client base, and they feel it’s important that they give back to the community they work with professionally.

The climb to the top of Scafell Pike and back down took over 7 hours and involved total elevation of 3,210 feet (948 metres). Our PICOP team took the longer and more technical trail which involved scrambling over rocks before the final ascent to the summit. As a group they found it difficult at various parts and were feeling a little weary at the end, and so they thoroughly enjoyed their celebratory drink in the Scafell Hotel.

Our PICOP team has already started discussions as to how they can support the Calvert Lakes charity in the future.

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