Alison & Kav conquered the Velocity 2 zip line

Many congratulations to Stephen Kavanagh, Chase de Vere’s Chairman, and Alyson Price, the Company’s HR Director, who jumped off a cliff in North Wales to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association.

Stephen and Alyson conquered the Velocity 2 zip line, which is the fastest zip line in the world, at Penrhyn Quarry. This is a 1.5 kilometre zip line, at a height of 500 metres, and it travels at speeds of up to and over 100 miles per hour.

Thanks to their heroics, Stephen and Alyson raised more than £4,000 for the Manchester branch of the MND Association. This is the local branch of the MND Association, which is providing fabulous support to Alyson’s husband Gavin, who has Motor Neurone Disease.

Gavin’s friends and family, including Alyson’s colleagues at Chase de Vere, have so far raised more than £76,000 for the Manchester branch and they are aiming to raise £100,000. Chase de Vere will continue to support this with further events, including a walking challenge in the Peak District, which is taking place in May.

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